REVIEW: Rite in the Rain Paper

Rite In The Rain paper is an exciting product which helps record even the toughest of adventures. Jerry Darling developed Rite in the Rain in 1915, the company’s humble beginnings stem from the Pacific Northwest logging region of the United States. People in the logging industry would bring their forms to Jerry Darling, he would […]

Matchbox Modification

  UST Stormproof Matchbox Case Modification   Instructor A.D. Venture demonstrates how to take the UST Stormproof Matchbox and turn it into a more useful field tool by adding some sandpaper to the lid. For this modification you will need: • UST Stormproof Matchbox Part Number: 20-713-01 • 180 +/- grit sandpaper • Scissors or multi-tool • Strong adhesive glue […]

Tattoos & Body Art

An acquaintance of mine I met at the 2012 YouTube gathering in Toronto by the name of Heather Donkers made a great video explaining some of her tattoos and their meaning. As a person of ink, I have multiple tattoos, each one has a special meaning to myself in my life. Tattoos are much more […]

What’s in YOUR Pack?

  Each year, hundreds of people die needlessly from what would be a short exploration of their local woods. A simple mis-calculation can turn an afternoon excursion into a dangerous situation. If not properly prepared, anyone can put themselves into a life threatening situation just a few metres from their car. Most of this is […]